The Cannes-winning founder of New Vegas reflects on how confidential feedback led him to transform the firm’s culture and his role as its leader.
The Great Resignation is more than a backlash to pandemic missteps. A growing “antiwork” movement could signal a broader shift in our relationship to…
We rebranded to focus on what we do best: using detailed, nuanced employee feedback to make work more rewarding for everyone.
Instead of trying to check in with every single employee, your HR team would be better off digging into specifics with fewer people.
With the recovery in full swing, companies need to listen carefully and address systemic issues before burnt-out employees jump ship.
Public reckonings at Mailchimp and Gimlet shed light on the ways common listening strategies ignore power dynamics.
How would our workplaces be different if leaders treated employee feedback with the same care and attention as product research?
Half of employees withhold critical feedback. If your company doesn’t measure how often they do, it might be time to start.
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