Performance reviews written by ChatGPT look like the real thing. That’s a problem.

November 2022

Just days in, Casper, DoorDash, Stripe, and others were still listing jobs with no salary ranges. After being found out, some rushed to cover their…

September 2022

Video: Why Most Retention Efforts FailStay interviews are a noble idea, but asking employees why they might quit can easily backfire. (39 min)
Work-induced trauma leaves many new hires on eggshells, afraid to ask for support.

August 2022

Only 23% of VC-backed firms saw more collaboration after returning to in-person work. A third saw no benefit at all.

July 2022

HR’s love affair with big data means that, at some point, businesses end up choosing magic over insight.
Employees are ready to get involved, and want their employers to stand up with them. Here’s why that’s actually a good thing for business.

June 2022

The remote office needs community managers.

March 2022

As turnover rages on, employers need all the feedback they can get.

February 2022

Rigid travel policies with vague justifications push travel underground, exposing employees and their employers to legal and tax risks.
The CEO of ReadySet explains why evidence-based strategy and collective action are essential to building more equitable workplaces.

January 2022

In a hybrid workplace, context is everything, the system is always on the verge of failing, and constant listening is the only way to survive.